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    Student Teaching
    Welcome to my
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    faces greeting
    Prior to teaching at JKES, I taught 2nd grade at Conway Elementary School (SCPS) in Falmouth, VA. At Conway Elementary I grew as both and educator and leader in my school. During my first year, I collaborated with fellow grade level members to assist our team in a transformation from one of the lower performing grade levels to one of the highest performing teams in our school. I have developed meaningful, differentiated, and engaging lessons for all subject areas and have garnered student success as they live by our classroom motto "Never settle for less than your best". We repeat it every time we take a test and they are intrinsically motivated to do put forth their best effort! Throughout the course of this school year I have served as a guide of an integral Foundations committee and become a key player in spearheading the creation of a new student leadership program, Conway Ambassadors. Each month I am involved in training these students and I even designed the shirt {Conway Ambassador t-shirt design.docx} for the group. My classroom has also served as a pilot for the leadership and goal setting programs being launched at our school this year.
    As part of my journey in becoming a teacher I completed practicums for my each of my four content area methods courses and am currently student teaching. The practicum experiences for each of the methods courses enabled me to observe Grades K-5 and teach lessons in Kindergarten, 3rd, and 5th Grade. The entirety of my student teaching was been spent working with a wonderful Third Grade teacher and amazing class at Stonehouse Elementary School in Williamsburg James City County Public Schools. Stonehouse Elementary was home to approximately 800 students in Grades K-5 and I feel so grateful to have been a part of their learning community. The class consisted of a diverse group of twenty students, six of which had special needs and an additional six who received gifted enrichment. The students in Room 207 were so full of life, excited to learn, creative, and their minds always were wide open waiting to soak up as much knowledge as possible.
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    {IMG_3349.JPG}{2013-2014 School Picture.jpg} {IMG_3349.JPG} Student Teaching
    Welcome to my eFolio! My name is Christina Rivenburg and I am currently a 2nd Grade teacher at John Kerr Elementary in Winchester, VA. It is my third year as a teacher and I am absolutely loving every facet of teaching. From the smiling faces greeting me each morning to the wonderful colleagues with whom I collaborate, I simply could not see myself in any other profession. Teaching truly is more than a profession, it is my passion!
    this year.

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    as possible.
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    Throughout my childhood friends and family would comment that I would grow up to become a teacher. I always loved going to school, in fact there was never a day on which I didn't want to attend school. My love of school combined with my compassion for children were ingredients in their eyes for the making of a wonderful teacher. My mother fondly remembers a time in 2nd Grade when I helped a child in my classroom with a disability. She frequently tells me that she knew from that moment on that I would someday grow up to become a teacher and is so very happy that I have found a career that I will truly love. We are both fond believers of the saying "If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life". In high school and college, friends and family persisted to compliment my ability to help others, caring nature, and love for children. However, I also felt pressured by my academics to pursue a career in medicine or law, trying to live up to the high standards I had set for myself. It was during my senior year of high school that I decided to take a course entitled Teacher Cadet, in which I worked with a 3rd Grade class during 7th period every day for six weeks. Through this experience I realized that my calling was to teach!
    Even before commencing the Masters of Elementary Education program, I was developing views and beliefs about the role of education and teaching. Once in the program, I honed my ideas and beliefs, eventually putting them into practice. My philosophy of teaching is strongly rooted in a lifelong dream that I may kindle a fire and love of learning in every child I touch and help them to become successful adult members of society. This motto is the driving force behind my beliefs about the role of a teacher and the overarching goals of education. As a teacher I believe my role is to engage students in learning so that they become lifelong learners who become drawn into situations where they can learn new things and acquire new knowledge. Another major aspect of my role as a teacher involves my responsibility to help students develop into capable and successful members of society, both socially and academically. Though I have long held many of these aspirations about the role of teaching, I believe that I have been able to more fully develop my teaching pedagogy and have had the opportunity to apply my dreams through coursework and practicum experience in the Masters of Elementary Education program.
    a strong foundational understanding of
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    {100_2853.JPG} Hallway Bulletin Board Celebrating Student Work
    I aim to create an environment in the classroom that nurtures the growth of lifelong learners and successful members of society, and this environment will be a cohesive and democratic learning community. The students ought to feel like part of a larger community, in which their individual actions affect the group as a whole. The class will work together to determine a set of classroom rules and consequences with the guidance of the teacher, so that the students feel as though they have a stake in their learning. Climate in the classroom will be a positive one, such that good choice making is positively rewarded and individual and whole class learning is celebrated (see photo to the right). In an effort to create lifelong learners and capable citizens, instructional methods must be tailored to the needs of the students and evoke engagement and enthusiasm about learning. Hence, a mixture of instructional methods is necessary to create an environment that caters to the needs of those who prefer whole group, small group and individual instruction. To encourage inquiry and student investigation small group learning and independent research and investigation will be critical, while whole group instruction will also be useful for to convey the basic level of knowledge and understanding. To foster community a community of children who will grow to become capable adult members of society, group work will be useful to allow students to be accustomed to problem solving with other individuals and functioning in a group of people.
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