Reading/ Language Arts:
For about as much of my life as I can remember I have always loved to read and write, gobbling books as a student and writing into the night in high school. In fact, in high school I took Dual Enrollment English and wrote a 36 page term paper, when the required page limit was only 25 pages. I have always enjoyed to write more than is required and set the bar high. As part of my undergraduate coursework I took "Introduction to Study of Language" in the linguistics department and feel the class greatly prepared me for discussion of phonics and reading instruction. Recently, I completed a masters level methods course, learning tools and skills necessary to develop a reading and writing workshop, help students to use their decoding systems, build students' comprehension skills, and plan and implement lessons. During the course I worked one-on-one with a student in my practicum placement, planning weekly lessons for a period of six weeks. Additionally, I planned and taught a read-write-think aloud lesson with a focus on descriptive language. Finally, I created a blog in which I reviewed and critiqued fiction, non fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy children's books.

Since a young child I have always enjoyed math, which became especially evident in high school when I took and received college credit for AP Statistics and AP Calculus. During my time as an undergrad at William and Mary I also completed a freshman seminar entitled "Teaching Mathematics", in which I read "Teaching Mathematics" and developed a deeper understanding of the importance of establishing a firm conceptual foundation when teaching mathematics. Through my masters program I completed a mathematics methods course and planned lessons and problems to be used in a third grade classroom. In addition, I attended a mathematics conference hosted by the Tidewater Team at the College of William and Mary.

Holding a bearded dragon at the Stonehouse Carnival

My love for science emerged early in elementary and middle school and I'll never forget the science experiment I performed to test the ability of a rat and hamster to complete a maze. In high school I decided to take Dual Enrollment Biology because of my strong interest in science. When I first entered college I delved into the possibility of pursuing biology or chemistry. As a freshman and sophomore, prior to declaring my psychology major, I completed coursework in Botany, Organic Chemistry, and General Chemistry. Once in my psychology major I chose to complete science-based coursework in Introduction to Psychology as a Natural Science, Cognitive Psychology, and Learning and Memory. As part of my masters degree I then completed a science methods course and practicum through which I designed a discovery circus, demonstration, and learning cycle lesson with two other pre-service teachers. Thus taking into consideration the undergraduate courses and masters level science methods course I feel well equipped, as well as enthusiastic, about teaching inquiry-based, authentic science in the classroom.

Social Studies:
In high school I completed Advanced Placement level coursework in United States History, World History, US Government, and Comparative Government. During my time as an undergraduate I took courses in European History and Introduction to Philosophy. Additionally, as part of my Psychology major I took many courses in Psychology, a branch of social studies, and one entitled History of Psychology. Through the masters program I completed a social studies methods course and practicum, in which I observed social studies lessons in all grade levels and collaborated with three other pre-service teachers to create a social studies teaching unit on Ancient Mali.

Playing flute for my cousin's wedding

Art: The arts are very important to me and have played an important role in my extracurricular activities throughout my life. In 4th Grade I began to learn how to play the flute and continued to perform in middle school, high school, and college level ensembles. In high school I chose to join the marching band and eventually auditioned and became drum major of the ensemble. In college I continued to play the flute in Wind Symphony and the Pep Band, ultimately becoming the director of the student-run pep band for two years. Additionally, I volunteered with a local middle school and combined flute choir and even created a flute choir at William and Mary. In fact, I am currently running rehearsals and playing with this flute choir I established just two years ago. The arts also influenced my degrees in undergrad as I pursued a Minor in Music, thoroughly enjoying courses in History of Western Music and Worlds of Music.

Health: Eating hea
Playing on the playground at recess
lthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle have been two of my lifelong goals and I am excited to help my future students make these same choices. I thoroughly enjoy long walks through Colonial Williamsburg and biking around campus. Additionally, I am currently involved in weekly swing dance lessons, in which I stay fit and active while learning a new form of dance.

Test Scores:
Praxis I- SAT exemption
Praxis II-191